It’s been confirmed that Google’s new algorithm update is to go into full effect this month, and with recent secretive updates (changes to mobile & confirmed updates to core algorithm on Labor Day Weekend – US) it’s no surprise Google is working to improve mobile experience.

One known targeted area is pop ups ads, you may have experienced those full screen pop up ads (rolls eyes), well the sites utilising these type of interstitials could now be decreasing. As part of the seamless transition Google will be penalizing sites with these type of pop-ups and blockages to content.

Below are three examples provided directly by Google that will be deemed ‘problematic’ in the future:

Google Mobile Ads Update

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that as a webmaster you should pull down all your ads, there is also an approved or guideline list of what type of ads can remain. If your page contains highly relevant to search term content, then you should look at testing changes to your current ads and popups. Furthermore if your pop up contains any of the following this is NOT penalized; Request for cookie usage, age verification OR a smaller ad utilising reasonable mobile ad space.

While this may not mean complete disappearance of these ads, it will definitely push mobile sites to rethink pop ups as part of their user experience.

Source: Google Webmaster Blog