Brand identity is a major factor for established firms. More often than not upcoming establishment find that as they grow, their brand identity falls short of what they represent, thus need for a branding update. A good reason for this shortcoming is the fact that when they started initially, they did little or no work on the brand.

Funnily enough, an upcoming firm from the beginning rarely seek professional advice that will direct them on a brand identity that suits their establishment but blindly put out any logo to just kick start work. It has become a norm because of lack of funds, time or even availability of resources at the outset of the business. I found myself in the same position back then, although I am a designer. Embarrassing!

Many startups often feel they must start their business as quickly as possible, and without careful thinking and professional directive they pull a brand identity. However, some companies I worked with did invest more time and money on branding and image identity or even change their company name altogether. You know what? It paid off.

If you feel like you’re making the mistake; there can’t be any better time than now to take a U-turn and seek for a branding expert who can direct you to properly invest in your brand identity and marketing strategy that will measure up to what your business stand for and also as it grows to maturity.



The importance of branding your business cannot be over-emphasized, neglecting it can stagnate business or cause a slow growth without knowing it. Established companies always put every machinery in place to upgrade, streamline, and improve their brand identity to capitalize on one major factor – GROWTH.

Do you know your brand identity can be outdated? Mostly when the business venture into new or an extended line of business. That’s why rebranding is a must to meet the current business mission and strategy growth in the future.

Having worked for a good number of companies, I observed that they usually take time out to rebrand their product for strategy marketing penetration. Often than not, this comes up when there is growth which could be as a result of invading new market line or a new line of product or even new technological innovation. Marketing opportunity open up untapped potential and which comes with a diverse approach to the market, thus the need to take a look at the business brand identity to make sure it’s well updated or if need be a total change to keep up with the trend because this is the first thing customers look at for.



With refined brand identity, upgraded logo, the best market practices and materials in place that goes along with an established standard design on a website gives the business a new identity in the eyes of customer that you are professional and that you know what you are doing.

With successes in sight, most businesses, however, upgrade their brand identity to take full advantages of the market growth, but not all business undergoing rebranding are actually seeing this advantages. Some are trying to pick up from where they fell in the customer’s eyes. It’s kind of difficult to come out from a bad reputation if your customers tag you in that light because you have lost their trust.

However, businesses can get back on their feed if they put proper measures in place such as change policy, getting rid of employees that have become a disadvantage to the business, making sure all legal procedure are put in the right place. Moreover, a fresh rebranding of the business identity is one of the major ways to get back on track; the reason is that customer will start having the impression that you have put your past behind and that you are ready to do serious business.

Having in motion a resounding investment time on your brand identity and upgraded logo while also paying attention to other areas of your business will help to wipe off past failures.


No doubt this article have served as an eye-opener that all businesses whether small or big, new or existing needs brand identity and continuous rebranding. Also, the need to invest in both money and time because brand identity is a vital asset.

Therefore, regardless of the reason, if you observe that your brand identity is not measuring up to what your business stand for, then there is no point waiting. Simply upgrade or build up a new one that will adequately represent your business.

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