Looks like the much anticipated Google Update has happened…argghhh!

Before we all start hiding under our desks, let’s find out what the possible speculations are. Google had advised that an update was coming to the’ core’ algorithm. We know that updates are occurring at different times to seek & improve usability and experience, however when core changes are made this typically means that a key area of SEO may be impacted. For example; local search, social & SEO, etc

Discussions have begun around the community as to what areas have been impacted, the change is thought to have occurred on the 1st of February, and is targeting spam quality links. This specifically means that if your tactis in link acquisition rely solely on shady activities then you may be impacted.

Now if you are experiencing a decline, our suggested tactics are as follows:

Research and  remove links which you believe come from questionable sites

Improve your strategy, rethink what areas could do with improvements and updates

and finally wait!…its a slow crawl back up the hill, so you are going to need a whole lot of patience and some wit.

Keep in mind that Google has not confirmed the update, although they rarely do, this is simply our suggestions and thoughts on the topic, it is best that you contact an experienced SEO before making changes and edits.

Good luck!