WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento are the three widely acknowledged and used platforms that allows creation of e-stores and their management. Each have their pros and cons. Depending on one’s business need, careful analysis of the platform features is required in making a choice.

WooCommerce as known is a fabulous open source plugin to use with any WordPress site. It is highly customizable, cost effective, familiar and easy to understand. WordPress has a very large community support ensuring easy fix for any bugs and issues. You get full control of your content and store including taxes, customer accounts and stock levels. However, there are limitations when you want to integrate different shipping options or multiple payment gateways, for which you would need to install other third party plugins.

Whereas Magento incorporates all the major features of the e-commerce, such as, cross-selling and up-selling of products, payment and shipping methods, price management, order fulfillment, stock inventory, etc. Therefore, it is more secure than WordPress as it does not depend on third party extensions. But a simple functionality that could be added with just few clicks in WordPress, requires a more programmatic approach and may need advice from Magento expert (which are harder to find than WordPress developers).

Shopify, on the other hand, is a hosted platform. One need not worry about hosting and site maintenance as all the store data is uploaded on Shopify servers.  Shopify is simple and offers a straightforward approach in creation of a store. Users are offered multiple options and settings to build a great looking store. But there are limitations when it comes to creation of new product attributes. You can modify the store only to the extent Shopify allows. Apart from that, Shopify offers 24/7 support, SEO-ready site structure and fast loading pages.


Are you still confused about your options in choosing the appropriate CMS for your business?

Below is a brief on some of the discussed key points that may help you in your selection.


Shopify WooCommerce Magento
Platform Closed Open Source Open Source
Pricing (USD) Basic – $29/month


Professional – $79/month

Unlimited – $299/month

Free Basic – Free


Enterprise – $18,000/year

Control over data Partial Complete Complete
Hosting Included Not included Not included
File storage Unlimited Limited storage provided by web host Limited storage provided by web host
Multiple language Native support Via third party plugins Via third party plugins
Ease of Use 9/10 8/10 7/10
Product Attributes Limited to three (size, color, material) Unlimited Unlimited
Loading Time Fast Varies Slow
Flexibility Limited High High
Preferred User Group Beginners to professional business Small to large business Big Business

Magento is a scalable platform designed specifically for e-commerce store. WooCommerce is easy to setup and perfect for beginners. With both, user has full control on the store and enjoys flexibility in terms of design and functionality. In contrast, Shopify offers a highly reliable and optimized solution where one does not need to care about the technical details.


To conclude, it all depends on the user, budget, business requirements and growth overview. The efficiency of a platform relies on your business plan. Where a platform can be highly beneficial to one business, same could harm if used for other.