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UX/UI Design / Web Development / App Development

The home of property compliance and due diligence

Before You Bid takes the stress out of finding the right people to help you buy your dream property. We ensure our panel members have the appropriate insurances and qualifications to prepare the reports you require (you would be amazed at how many uninsured/unqualified service providers are out there!).

Before You Bid can also save you money on the conveyancing, building and pest inspection, and strata inspection reports you require.

By allowing for the resale of the reports prepared by our panel of experts we reduce the cost to you through our cash back system. This lets you focus on what is important - getting that dream property.

Existing Solution

When we first met Before You Bid, they had a dated solution built offshore. The website became a roadblock to their growth. The code structure and quality was lacking which made any changes extremely long, costly and prone to defects. The BYB Team had lost all confidence in the platform stability.

New Solution

The Team started with a couple of workshops to understand the ins and outs of the Strata and Building & Pest Reports. Once we had a good understanding of the market, we created mid fidelity wireframes and produced over 200 screens. We then moved into the design phase where the website and platform came to life. We also refreshed the brand. We rebuilt the entire solution from the ground up using ReactJS / NextJS, Stripe, Twilio, Xero, a GraphQL API and multiple CRM integrations (Agentbox and more).

The new website and platform runs on AWS using a serverless architecture with a GraphQL API. The redesigned website built with NextJS provides an easy checkout experience as well as extensive CRM integrations (Agentbox, VaultRE, REX, etc) and automations.