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Web Development / App Development / Team Augmentation


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Web Development / App Development / Team Augmentation

Australia's Leading Resident Experience

Erin Living is an innovative resident experience company that is paving the way towards the enhancement of liveability and sustainability in built environments.

Committed to delivering a highly relevant and sustainable offering to benefit developers, facility managers and residents alike, Erin aims to not only be a disruptor within the PropTech space, but to continually build on and challenge established norms for the use of technology within built environments.

Erin is highly customer-centric, with a unique model that seeks to reduce owners’ corporation fees while automating previously labour-intensive concierge and building management functions, along with providing simple solutions to everyday problems for apartment dwellers.


When we met the Erin team, they had a vision of a fully integrated customer journey in their residence. From keyless entry to parcel collection using GroundFloor, the team wanted to build a simple yet beautiful app making residential living a painless process.


We delivered the mobile application for iOS & Android using React Native, AWS Amplify with a GraphQL API and a ReactJS platform. The app has integrations with smart locks, parcel lockers and much more.


  • Product Consultancy
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • React Native Development