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Develop your digital presence with our human-centered, cutting-edge, and future-proof approach to mobile app design & development.

Your mobile app is one of the most valuable asset in 2022, it is an essential part of your marketing and business strategy. Rocket Lab provides custom software engineering solutions tailored to your business goals and objectives. From ideation to delivery, our experienced mobile app development team digitally transforms your business through cutting-edge front-end and back-end development that is secure and future proof. We are passionate about the Jamstack architecture, the modern way to build fast, scalable and secure mobile apps.

Rocket Lab is a technology team first and foremost, our preferred technologies for mobile app development are:

Figma - Website & App Design, Development - Rocket Lab
GraphQL - Website & App Development - Rocket Lab
Typescript - Website & App Development / Developers - Rocket Lab
Jest - Website & App Development / Developers - Rocket Lab

Our Mobile App Design & Development Process



With your mobile app being the most valuable asset, the first step to developing your mobile app is to understand your brand, business needs, and pain points by having collaborative workshops. From there, we'll develop a timeline and project plan to launch your mobile app.



After understanding what your brand and business goals are, we create low to mid fidelity wireframes to visually understand the user flows. This is a crucial step to ensure the user experience is optimal prior to start the mobile app design.



A good mobile app starts with a good user experience and design. Our design team delivers on modern, human-centered design to ensure your mobile app is beautiful yet simple to use.



The app design is ready, everyone is excited to build and ship your mobile app. A kickoff meeting with the development team is scheduled so that we can start our first fortnightly sprint. At the end of each sprint, our team does a "show & tell".



After a thorough User Acceptance Testing phase, we prepare your mobile app for a successful launch. Our team is with you every step of the way to ensure your mobile app is launched smoothly.



Your mobile app is now listed in the Apple & Google stores. Our team is there to provide support, implement new features and release bug fixes as required.

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