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Founded in 2014, Rocket Lab is a local software engineering team based in Sydney & Melbourne.

Our team of app developers are experts in web app development and mobile app development using Ionic & Capacitor. We have embraced Ionic from before its first version and have been developing Ionic/Capacitor web apps ever since. We were one of the first companies in Australia to believe in the power of Ionic/Capacitor.

Our team of javascript enthusiasts are always looking to use the latest technology to provide our clients with the best solution. We have been building mobile apps and websites using Javascript for over 7 years now.

We have extensive experience in mobile app development. We are able to guide you through the technology and platforms available to get the best possible mobile app based on your budget, timeline and features.

Capacitor by Ionic is an amazing framework for building Web Native apps however it is not suitable for every projects. We recommend having a chat with us first prior to selecting your technology stack. It is important to select the right framework based on your requirements and web/mobile app goals. We also have expertise in React Native, ReactJS, GraphQL & Flutter.

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Capacitor / Ionic App Development FAQs

What is Capacitor by Ionic?
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Capacitor is an open source native runtime for building Web Native apps. it allows you to create cross-platform iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Why should I consider Capacitor for my web app or mobile app?
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Capacitor by Ionic allows you to build a cross-platform application for iOS, Android & Web using a single codebase.

The main benefits/advantages of using React Native are:
- speed of development
- cost effective
- easier and cheaper to maintain
- large community of developers
- component based approach / code reusability
- frontend framework/library agnostic (VueJS, AngularJS, ReactJS compatible)

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What apps are using Capacitor by Ionic?
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Capacitor by Ionic is widely used and has become a serious option when looking for cross-platform capabilities to build web & mobile apps.

- Target
- Burger King
- Tim Horton
- Sworkit
- and more

Anything else I should know about Capacitor by Ionic?
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We strongly recommend doing your own research first in order to find the right solution for your requirements.

Here are a couple of useful links for Ionic/Capacitor:
- Pros & Cons about Ionic/Capacitor
- How does Capacitor work?

If you're still not sure about using Capacitor, contact us using the form below to chat with our team of engineers. We'll provide you with a list of options based on your requirements.

Is there any alternatives to Capacitor / Ionic?
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Sure is! We usually recommend selecting a framework based on your requirements and business goals.

Good alternatives to Ionic are:
- React Native
- Flutter

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