Adwords released this week a new UI for Adwords users. The latest design is offered in it’s Beta version to most users, with some differences across US & Australian versions.

Below is a recap of some of the new features offered:

Improved Account Overview – The improved interface also saw developments to the account dashboard. Now the account overview data is provided in an easy-to-digest format. The quick snapshots typically include time graph of clicks and conversions (standard) however also displays device breakdown, a good option for those heavily targeting mobile or other devices, and a graph which can be easily customised to show traffic, conversions or other by time and hour of day.

Demographics view – Easily accessible from the left hand navigation the demographics tab displays gender, age, and a newly included household income data. This will assist marketers which are wanting to test and hypothesis on consumers for improved performance or across channels. Keep in mind though that the demographics review only collates data for those signed in with Google Accounts, and across other publisher and/or social networking sites which shares information with Google. We have found that there is still a segment which is not included in this reporting. A feature well worth reviewing and testing based on bid adjustments as a trial.

Promotion Extensions – As with other types of extensions, business, sitelinks and call extensions. Adwords now offers promotion extensions. The new feature is a great way of showcasing your special or limited time offers. An easy to implement method which allows advertisers to add discounts as a percentage or monetary discount on an item or store wide.

This extension can be added at an account, campaign or ad group level.


There are plenty more updates and these are only some of the new features. One known feature which was announced at Google Next was Attribution targeting which marketers are eagerly awaiting. We will announce more features as they become available