In 2016, we have been working on several bespoke platforms for startups. One of the startups we built, Tuna Solutions, required an escrow payment service. We starting using Armor Payments for the MVP build but quickly realized this solution didn’t support credit cards payment at the time. Their credit card support release kept being delayed. We couldn’t afford to wait as investors were lining up and we needed a streamlined payment process for the MVP launch.

This is when we found Assembly Payments (previously known as PromisePay), based in Australia, this was the perfect fit for us. Not only they had the right solutions but they were within 2km of our Surry Hills office! We then started looking at their documentation and realized there was a big gap for Node. Our CTO, Maxime Aoustin, wrote a complete node library for PromisePay which is now available for free on Github.

Made with <3 at the lab and to be shared!